ISLAMABAD Interior Minister Rehman Malik seems to have little control over the subsidiary bodies working under his Ministry as the audit report on the Accounts of Federal Government for the Audit Year 2009-10 has unearthed irregularities amounting to millions. The audit report has also exposed the alleged mismanagement of the Interior Ministry itself for issuing 88,838 new arms licences during the year 2008 and 2009. The details of the estimated amount of Rs515.51 million fees in the shape of receipts for these licences which was to be deposited in the Government Treasury did not reconcile with the treasury record. The report has observed, In the absence of any verification procedure adopted by the management and reconciliation, there was every possibility of issuance of arms licences against fake challans. The Frontier Corps (FC), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, under the Ministry of Interior drew Rs 13.77 million for the purchase of arms and ammunition in advance for onward payment to the firm but no purchase was made in this regard, the audit report observed. In addition to that, this amount was kept in a private bank account instead of going into the government treasury. The report also observed during the audit of acquitance rolls of Frontier Corps that its management made irregular and unjustified deduction and retention of Rs113.22 million from the salaries of its Jawans (security personnel of the force) in the head of Scouts Saving Scheme, medical deductions and half mounting (HM) deduction. Audit Para no. 13.7 of the report says that an approximate amount of Rs59.280 million was deduced without any authority of the Government for the fiscal 2006-07. Similarly, an amount of Rs53.942 million was also deducted in a similar manner during 2008-09 without the approval of Ministry of Finance. The Para 13.3 of the report says that Balochistan Constabulary, another attached department of the Ministry, purchased an aircraft for Balochistan Police by paying Rs138.50 million despite the fact that PC-1 provided Rs50 million for the purchase. The management carried out irregular purchase with different specifications than given in PC-1 without its provisions and approval of Steering Committee. Further more, Balochistan Constabulary (Zone-1) paid an amount of Rs566,136 to a supplier of firewood in June, 2007 but according to the Audit Report, there is a risk that the firewood was not purchased as stock register showed no record of it and amount was kept unauthorized outside the government account. Similarly, Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad Capital Territory Administration (ICTA), a subsidiary body of the Ministry of Interior, purchased two seized tampered vehicles for an amount of Rs0.5 million despite a ban imposed by Government on purchase of any 'physical assets during the financial year 2008-09.