QUETTA - Baloch Liberation United Front (BLUF) on Saturday claimed responsibility for threats to International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to wind up its activities from Balochistan or should be prepared for attacks due to its discrimination towards Baloch population. Calling via Satellite phone to the offices of local news agencies, Shahaq Baloch who claimed to be the spokesman of BLUF said that his organisation made a call to the office of Red Cross in Quetta warning it to close down its activities. 'ICRC played no significant role for the welfare of millions of Baloch who have been subjected to excesses and always showed its partiality towards these excesses, he alleged, adding, 'We warn ICRC and UN organisations to halt their activities because despite the safe release of UNHCRs head in Quetta John Solecki by BLUF, these organisations did not raise voice towards alleged atrocities against Balochs. Unknown person had called the ICRC office in Quetta three days ago and threatened to make armed attacks on staff members of the organisation for its discriminatory attitude towards Baloch people. Following threats, ICRC announced to restrict its activities in Balochistan and shifted its foreign workers to safer places.