LAHORE The sixth meeting of the Council of Parliamentarians was held at Gymkhana club here on Saturday after which briefing was given to the newsmen at Lahore Press Club by the parliamentarians. Qaiser Ahmad Sheikh, Nawabzada Sardar Abas Lashari, Syed hussain Shah and others were also present on the occasion. Speaking on the occasion Sardar Mansoor Hayat Taman, convener of the council, said they had formed a body to bring former members together in an organised manner and to provide them a forum for cultural and social events. He said that the council of parliamentarians was formed in Islamabad in 2009 with the purpose to socially organise a council representing all those who were presently, or have previously represented the people of this country in the parliament. The intention was to invite all parliamentarians, irrespective of their year of representation, or chamber or party or religious affiliations but only as individuals who have had the unique distinction of being elected as representatives of the people to work together for a stronger, prosperous and better Pakistan. Though the council is still in its infancy the endeavour is driven by the following objectives: to provide a forum for fostering a meaningful debate leading to effective contribution towards the ever increasing and complicated challenges facing the country, to facilitate regular exchange of information and news between former and current members of parliament, to foster relationships between former and current members of parliament, to use the experience of former members to strengthen parliamentary democracy and promote public service, to promote contacts between similar organisations across the world (at least 40 countries have such associations presently. Mr Taman said they were in contact with the parliamentarians no matter they had their political affiliations with any political or religious party.