ISLAMABAD - Civil society activists on Saturday held a protest rally here in front of the National Press Club and strongly criticised the parliamentarians holding 'fake degrees and the address of the Prime Minister during the election campaign of Jamshed Dasti. The civil society activists, once again, thronged to the roads but this time against those MPs having fake degrees and vowed to continue their struggle until such elements were present in the Parliament. Holding placards and banners inscribed with slogans like We want honest and educated people in the Parliament 'Fake degree holders must resign 'Independent judiciary Zindabad 'Bring back looted money from Swiss accounts the protesters said that the speech made by the Prime Minister during the election campaign of Jamshed Dasti, a fake degree holder, breached the privilege of the Parliament. Addressing the protesters, JI central leader Mian Aslam said that the announcement made during the election campaign of Dasti that 'masses court is supreme and it has given verdict in Dastis favour was a daring attack on the independence of judiciary. He said, We fought for an independent judiciary and now if somebody will try to undermine its independence the civil society and the political parties will stand against him. Later, the representatives of All Traders Welfare Assosiation Blue Area also joined the protest gathering. Imtiaz Gul, a senior analyst, addressing on the occasion said that the fake degree issue was not specifically parliament-oriented but the all the government departments had such persons who had fake degrees. He condemned the President Asif Ali Zardaris statement in which he had sought help from the US to streamline the issues of FATA. He said, through this statement, the head of the state had asked US for a direct intervention into the internal matters of the country. Arshad Abbasi warned such MPs having fake degrees to resign or otherwise civil society would compel them to do so through its continuous protests until the fulfilment of the objectives. Representatives of the trade union, addressing on the occasion, said that incumbent rulers had created self-made shortage of electricity in the country in a bid to get commissions through different electricity projects including RPPs.