ISLAMABAD (APP) Deforestation have raised the average temperature of 'Islamabad the beautiful and various factors are attributed to the steady rise in average temperature of the Capital. Main among them is deforestation in capital. The fast pace of deforestation has eroded the old sweet clichT that it would rain after some hot days. The average temperature around this time of year hover around 40s which is five to six degrees more than normal. An official of Capital Development Authority (CDA) told APP that they were committed to conservation of forests and increasing forest cover. He further said the government has set a target of increasing the forest cover by 5.6 percent in 2010, and 6 percent by 2015 in the Mid-Term Development Framework. Deforestation is the main cause of this extraordinary change in temperatures in Pakistan and elsewhere. The continuing loss of forests in Asia is a result of many elements. A combination of mismanagement and corruption, economic development, and an ever-widening gap between classes continues to cause deforestation across the continent. As the significance of forests both for their natural resources and their innate beauty declines, and as environmental protection remains undervalued to be replaced by immediate economic gains, deforestation continues to be a devious predator onslaught by the humans who need it most. Tree planting is not an activity reserved only for the environmentally conscious of the West. Rather, it is a sustainable and easy way to improve our environment, whether we are living in the United States or Pakistan Deforestation and desertification are just some of Pakistans environmental problems, according to the latest edition of the CIA World Fact Book. EPA did a wonderful job when it was headed by incumbent President Asif Ali Zardari. The then administration of the agency chalked out a comprehensive plan to increase tree plantation in the country and cooperation of various financial institutions was sought to giving boost to the activity. EPA also undertook tree plantation of Islamabad-Murree highway at that time which added to the beauty of Potohar plateau and greatly reduced average temperature. Trees help recharge ground water and sustain stream of flow Trees have a positive impact on the incidence of asthma, skin cancer and stress-related illness by filtering polluted air, reducing smog formation, shading out solar radiation and by providing an attractive, calming setting for recreation. Trees strengthen neighbourhood communities by providing people with an opportunity to work together for the benefit of the local environment. Trees play a vital role in the urban ecosystem, by helping to support a great variety of wildlife which people can enjoy close to home. In Kyhber Pakhtunkhwa, people are really conscious for tree plantation and in every other house there is density of trees which not only cool downs the temperature but is also helpful for match stick making. Deforestation and desertification lead to landslides and drought. That means that the drought that hit Pakistan last year, for example, could have been avoided or at least minimized by two actions: planting trees and building forests. Need is to focus on more trees plantation which could help attract clouds for rain, help to reduce the amount of carbon monoxide in the air which reduces global warming and also slows the rate of desertification.