SRINAGAR (NNI) - Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman, Syed Ali Shah Geelani has cautioned Census Department against enumerating non-state subjects saying it could lead to demographic changes in the state. The census programme is about to start, it is not a solution to the Kashmir dispute. The solution to Kashmir dispute is only plebiscite, Geelani said addressing a press conference here. He said the census was being conducted by Indian administrators and they have been over the years manipulating it to change the Muslim majority character of the State. He said Census Department has given directions to its field staff in the State to enumerate non-locals including Bihari labourers who are residing in Kashmir for the past six months or who intend to stay in Kashmir for six months. Geelani said their entry into records would change whole population complexion of the State. He said the Government also intends to show number of Urdu speaking people far less. He said it was responsibility of the field staff to ensure that the Urdu-speaking people shouldnt be shown in less number. Geelani alleged that directions have been issued to enumerate even outside State beggars. It will have dangerous consequences for the social, political and economic fabric of the Muslim majority State, he added. He said since 1947 Muslim population growth is showing steady decline, which is against set norms. He accused the Congress of fulfilling the RSS agenda in Kashmir. RSS talks about Hinduising Jammu and Kashmir and Congress implements the agenda, Geelani said. He criticized the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah for saying that eight percent reservation would not affect demography. He said the eight percent reservation would create havoc with the social fabric of Muslim majority districts. Besides, he added, their economy will also get affected. Geelani said the people of Kashmir have nothing against the Schedule Castes but they are opposing the reservation on the basis of certain principle. He said the eight percent reservation means settling Hindu population in Muslim majority districts and it was not acceptable. He said within 10 years the SCs would be settled in Kashmir to change the Muslim majority character of the State. This is not acceptable, he added. Taking on the National Conference leadership, Geelani said; Abdullah family has all along played with the interests of the State. He said it has remained constant endeavour of Abdullahs to play second fiddle of New Delhi and this family has legally, socially, politically subjected Muslims to untold miseries.