KARACHI - Development works in progress under the Lyari Development Package (LDP) would be completed within its given schedule, said project Director Shafiq-ur-Rehman Paracha on Saturday. The LDP chief along with other officials visited to the project sites in order to review the ongoing works process. Paracha told media representatives that new look of the locality would be emerged after the completion of projects in education sectors by the end of June. He said that work on 13 major and minor roads had been completed while works on 12 roads was under progress to ease the traffic congestion in the locality. Commenting on the up-gradation of schools works, he said that the educational institutes were especially being focused for the development; in this regard renovation of six school buildings was in progress and these would be completed by June 30, 2010 under the LDP that was launched by the president Asif Ali Zardari. These schools included Government Boys Secondary Schools, Nos 1 and no 2, situated in Shah Beg Lane (Shah Latif Bhittai Road and Gul M Lane, Chawkiwara, Aizat Khan Aziz Secondary School Gharib Shah and Government Boys Secondary School Kalri (Ahmad Shah Bukhari Road). He said that the total cost of these projects is estimated to cost Rs60 million. Funds have been provided by the Sindh government. He said that these schools would be fully equipped with new furniture and all basic facilities, which include drinking water and toilet facilities. Work on electrification, underground and overhead tanks is in advance stage of completion. He also informed the newsmen that rehabilitation work on 13 major and minor roads with the cost of worth Rs 100m had been completed while work on 12 roads was in progress. To improve the general environmental condition work on seven playgrounds was in progress which would be completed by June 30, while the work on 11 parks was in progress, he added that all the playgrounds would be provided with flood lights.