HANGU As many as 60 people including women and children were kidnapped by militants during an ambush in the Kurram region on Saturday. Heavily armed militants first seized a vehicle belonging to the Wapda and kidnapped four people travelling inside. Later, the vehicle was set on fire. Shortly afterwards, several vehicles were seized from a convoy of civilians travelling to Parachinar, the main city in Kurram. The militants were posing as policemen and wearing police uniforms, said Mir Chaman, a senior police official in the nearby town of Thal. The Wapda employees vehicle was ambushed at Tootkas area. The militants after taking the officials down the vehicle set ablaze the vehicle (Registration No: R-7259). Out of the four, names of two Wapda employees have been confirmed as Bakht Wahab (driver) and Muhammad Ayaz (conductor). Later, the militants ambushed a convoy at Chappri More in Tehsil Tull. Mir Chaman confirming the incident told TheNation that about 60 people including women and children have been taken hostage by militants in Kurram region and added that a total of 10 vehicles including two trailers, a coach and a pick up came under the ambush of the militants. Political administration in Kurram Agency also confirmed the incident saying efforts for the safe recovery of the kidnapped were underway. Official circles said that in the wake of military offensive launched against militants in the neighbouring Aurakzai Agency a considerable number of them slid into Kurram Agency and the adjacent areas and were attempting to 'avenge they were thrashed at the hands of security forces. It is to mention here that due to the worst law and order situation in the region passengers are compelled to travel in convoys in the area and in the said incident of kidnapping of 60 person there was also a convoy of about 15 vehicles from Kurram Agency that militants ambushed all of a sudden and took them as hostage to unknown locality.