ISLAMABAD - Federal Minister for Environment Hameed Ullah Jan Afridi has said that it was a very useful exchange of views during the past few days at the high-level segment of this 18th CSD Session. He added that the recent interactions had given them a good sense of the obstacles, constraints and challenges that were confronted in the implementation of commitments made in the cluster of issues under review at this session including transport, chemicals, waste management, mining and a 10-year framework of programmes on sustainable consumption and production patterns. According to a press release issued here on Saturday, the Minister said this while speaking at the Ministerial Interactive Discussion Way Forward including dialogue with other stakeholders on identifying key issues to be focused on during the IPM and 19th Session of the Commission on Sustainable Development in New York. Environment Minister underlined that it was the time then for them to start thinking about the policy lessons that they had learnt at this review session and what kind of recommendations they could consider for a policy framework on the way forward for presentation at the CSD-19. He further stated that the policy framework in their view should be based on a people centric approach that secures the provision of adequate resource capacities both technical and technological as well as financial and ensures effective accountability. In terms of specific actions, he added that for instance, on chemicals and hazardous waste management, they did not need to think innovatively of ways in which they could internalise the disposal costs into the product life cycle. He continued that all of this would be irrelevant and essentially remains academic in character if their recommendations were not practical and doable and not sequenced to capture the priorities dictated by current realities, constraints and challenges. He said that without a clear accountability framework to monitor implementation, they might not be able to achieve whatever they had agreed to do. Secondly, they would yet again fail to make CSD into a vibrant and relevant institution capable of tackling the contemporary challenges and harnessing opportunities, he added. This in my view is the area which should be given highest priority, he noted. In this regard, he maintained that the foremost step could be to develop an integrated set of benchmarks and indicators in the relevant areas to systematically monitor implementation.