Pakistan has experienced three kinds of governmental systems. Sometimes, it has been ruled by 'feudal-cracy, sometimes by 'bullet-cracy and sometimes by 'democracy. All these 'cracies had one common trait. Under all of them, some mysterious Pakistanis looted the countrys wealth to the best of their capabilities. The masses kept watching. Their blood kept boiling. They were misery incarnate. They just did not know what they should do. Once they were asked: Why are you so morose? You are as free to loot as the looters have always done. The masses replied: We cant loot. There is a physiological hurdle. The blood, which nature has injected into our veins, does not permit us to loot. But the blood, which nature has injected into some of our compatriots, is a mysterious blood. It is all a matter of blood. Ever since its birth, the looting technology has been growing more and more sophisticated. Consequently, the looting is growing easier and easier and the looters are growing richer and richer. The looters love to loot their motherland. But they hate to keep their booty in the motherland. They have a cogent reason. They apprehend that some more skilful looters could deprive them of their lootings. Safety being the top most priority, they keep their beloved booty in foreign lands. Almost every backward country is inhabited by two kinds of human beings: 'the looters and 'the masses. Actually, when the looters loot the national wealth, they actually loot the masses. Thus, every backward country is a human jungle where the strong animals keep devouring the miserably weak animals. The looters of a backward country are lucky that they are born in a country where looting is a natures gift. But for the masses, to be born in a backward country is a natures curse. A looter enjoys looting. If the looting continues; a time comes when it becomes an addiction. Initially, it is the looter who loots. After the addiction, it is the looting which enslaves the looter. The addiction commands the looter to keep on looting ceaselessly. If the looter disobeys then the disobedience must result in a total disaster for the looter. There is no country, however backward, which cannot feed all of its masses fairly adequately. If the countrys resources, however meagre, are justly distributed then no one can starve. A backward country is a country whose entire resources are monopolised by a small minority. It is this barbaric monopolisation which makes the lives of the masses a pure misery. In an advanced country there is no stomach problem. Every stomach is always as full as it must be. But in a backward country, most of the stomachs keep rumbling with hunger. Sometimes, the rumbling becomes so unbearable that the starver kills the rumbling by killing himself. If you want to see the phenomenon with your own eyes, visit any backward country. There are two kinds of disasters: 'natural disasters and 'man-made disasters. Luckily, the natural disasters are generally temporary phenomena. For example, earthquakes come and go. But, unluckily, man-created disasters are very stubborn creatures. They come and stay. Look at the poverty in a backward country. This disaster is created by the looters of the countrys wealth. The greater the looting, the greater the poverty of the masses. Unlike an earthquake, the looters keep ceaselessly looting. One particular looting is immediately followed by another looting which is followed by still another looting, and so on. Nature must be ashamed of the temporary character of its disasters as compared with the timeless character of the man-created disasters. In most of the countries, the man-created disasters have been destroying the masses for ages. If some of these countries have sometimes been hit by natural disasters, these disasters have been temporary affairs. There are as many varieties of looting as there are looters. Each looter has his own individual brand of looting. A particular kind of looting can come to an end only by the death of the looter. Logically, the misery of the masses of a backward country can come to an end only by the simultaneous extinction of all the looters. It is possible only if an earthquake hits a backward country with the sole intention of killing all the looters. The writer is an academic.