LAHORE - By way of energy conservation plan the government is also opening vistas of social reforms in the country to eradicate 'bad norms of late night social gatherings, a phenomenon that started few decades ago. In our life needs and luxuries have got so much confused in present times that social reforms have become need of the hour. Like the one-dish law that ended the culture of lavish wedding functions, the energy conservation plan will also bring in much-needed social norms in the society besides saving electricity but for that purpose it should be implemented on permanent basis. Early closure of shops, markets, bazaars and weddings halls will give birth to new norms in the society and hopefully new traditions will help relax the people at large, saving both money and time. Like the city of Islamabad, which sleeps early, the government believes if the same happens in other parts of the country electricity can be saved upto 60 per cent. The conservation plan is helping Pepco save 900MW electricity per day and the plan is till expandable. Early closure of the shops in the night has also helped in reduction of crimes that are committed while the peoples movement on roads till mid night. The dacoities and other crimes will also reduce significantly if people stop night ceremonies and finish all their 'social business in daylight and start spending time with their families in the evening. One of the reasons of present power crisis is population explosion and urbanisation and the second reason is a race for the air conditioners, which can be seen now in every 20th middle class family. Over the years lifestyle of people have changed and the usage of air conditioners and other electronic appliances have multiplied but power generation could not increased due to political instability and bad policies on the part of governments. The government may put a limit on the use of electricity units per months for every household and for government officers who live in official residences and lavishly burn electricity, as it is free of cost for them. It is high time for some social reforms to sort out the prevailing snobbish norms that put a common man in the race for luxuries. Like western countries the government should announced five working days so that people may have full rest at week ends and work in the rest of the days. It will baseless to say that five days are less for work as people of Britain and other European countries work more than us and the countries always had five working days. The government departments and private sectors have expanded largely and thus use of electricity has also multiplied in all sectors, in addition to installation of air conditioners in every office, public or private. The restriction on the use of air conditioner in offices may be very beneficial in saving power if it is made more effective with increase in hours of ban on their usage. It will result in terms of social changes, and a shift in human routines are yet to be seen but it is hoped that it will relax people and help them save time, money and electricity as well.