MUZAFRABAD Shakil Durrani Chairman WAPDA has assured that the mega Neelam Jhelum Hydel Project, which could generate 968 MGW power will be completed in its scheduled time. The Chairman WAPDA, who paid a flying visit to Noseri, 40 kilometer away on the Neelam Valley side from Muzafrabad, on Thursday inspected the pace of Project. The mega Project is designed to divert the Neelam river water from Noseri through an under ground 32 kilometer channel and joining it with Jhelum River near Dhanni Sydan 6 Kilometers away form Muzafrabad on Chinari Road, and then joint of two rivers till chatterkalas about 20 kilometer away from Muzafrabad on Kohala Road. A spillway would be constructed here for the fall of two ferocious rivers to generate 968 MGW power. The Mega Hydel Power Project if the required pace of construction is maintained is expected to be completed in 3-4 years at the cost of 5 billion rupees. The construction is being done by Chinese Companies. The Chairman Wapda Shakil Durrani during his second visit to the Project in 6 months period, met the local affactees at Noseri and assured them all that their problems would be addressed on the priority basis and the due as compensation for their land and houses would be paid in time. It is estimated that 32000 local residents would be affected by this project. The mega Neelam Hydel Project was designed about 8 years back with an estimated cost of 2 billion rupees. But the general apathy towards Hydel Projects, later, nurtured in the thinking and planning of energy wizards and the project was put on the backburner. , until this crucial phase of acute energy crises awakened and shaken the whole structure of energy generation. Earlier, Shakeel Durrani was serving in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir as Chief Secretary and with his pleasant associations with the local people and the respective administration, he is expected to get the project completed in time. The construction of this project in a minimum time could be a boon for the people and the water and power administration in the acute crises of energy.