The lack of bus stop sheds at main busy bus stops of twin cities causing immense inconvenience to commuters, especially in rainy season and in hot weather. The commuters while demanding the construction of proper bus sheds at bus stops said that in the peak summer season, the blazing sun has made its presence feel especially at high noon while the woes of waiting commuters on both sides of the long road cannot be ignored. In case of a rainy spell, the passengers have to bear the heavy showers and soggy conditions. In the absence of sheds, majority among them go reeling under the effects of inclement weather. Siama Ahmed, an employee of a private company, said that it was very difficult for females to wait for public transport without sheds. "The authorities concerned should build proper sheds and benches to solve the problems of commuters," she added. The residents living in areas located near to Khana Pul said that there is dire need of construction of bus sheds as passengers, in a large number wait for their required transports at bus stops and the rainy season create unimaginable problems for them.