LAHORE (APP) - Federal Law Minister Babar Awan has said the Pakistan Peoples Party govt was ensuring the supremacy of constitutional institutions in the country. Talking to media at the residence of Azizur Rehman Chan, a leader of PPP here on Saturday, he said that government would continue to play its role for the supremacy of the constitution. He lauded President Asif Ali Zardari for his historic role for dominance of the Parliament and said that it had negated all suspicions of the critics of democracy. He remarked that PPP had given a unanimous constitution to Pakistan, adding the constitution guaranteed basic human rights of masses first time in the history of the country. This constitution brought Pakistan on the road as welfare state, he said. He stated that Baluchistan High Court came into being in the result of 1973 Constitution, while expressing his proud, he added, now Islamabad High Court had been constituted in the result of 18th Amendment by PPP-led govt. He further said that existing constitutional judicial system was a creation of 1973 Constitution. The Minister said that PPP had fulfilled its promise of social contract by introducing 18th Amendment. He said the government would make the federation unbeatable by giving constitutional rights and benefits to the provinces according to NFC award in the upcoming budget. He declared that democracy now was a strong tree and constitutional institutions were its fruits and shadows. He said the Parliament had built a great wall in the way of dictatorship by 18th Amendment, adding no elections with big margin due to its historical achievements. He said people knew PPP had cooled down the flames of militancy in Swat and Malakand after 19 years. It is my party which brought Pakistan out from the list of failed states, he added. He remarked the PPP had opened the door of Atomic Club for Pakistan, carried Baluchistan out of the situation of insurgency by initiating Haqooq e Baluchistan, formed unanimous formula of NFC after 63 years and restored the real constitution by repealing the non democratic amendments included by former dictators. He said the government gave the share to the provinces in their resources by 18th Amendment, protected Pakistan from default, Gilgit-Baltastan were provided with the rights of vote and introduced reconciliation policy in the democracy. PPP leaders Munir Ahmad Khan, Aziz ur Rehman Chan, Zikrya Butt were also with him.