ISLAMABAD Scheduled Caste Rights Movement (SCRM) is likely to organise a discussion tilled 'Forum on Rights of the Scheduled Caste Hindus...Why the Delay? in coming Tuesday. According to SCRM that discrimination and hatred against scheduled castes is a violation of their fundamental human rights. All forms of discrimination and segregation should be abolished via legislation. Stern laws with punishments should be framed against segregation of any kind. At present, there is no law in Pakistan to register Hindu marriages. Adequate laws should be passed to ensure Hindu marriages registration. Presently, there is no representation of scheduled castes Hindus in the assemblies (Provincial, National Assemblies and the Senate). The seats in the Parliament should be allocated as per population ratio of the scheduled castes Hindus. Demands also include that a comprehensive policy regarding the land rights for the scheduled caste Hindus (access, control and ownership of land) should be framed. There are incidents of illegal occupation of Hindu religious places by land grabbers and other elements. The Hindu temples, religious and historical places (especially graveyards) should be restored and preserved.