The media frenzy created in the wake of Idiot Bomber saga was so overwhelming that it swayed a significant segment of the American leadership to its side. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost her balance; Attorney General Eric Holder was off the hook. Apparently, the whole melodrama in Times Square followed the Indian pattern of Parliament attack and the Mumbai incident. On the other hand, response by Pakistans military and national leadership was indeed pragmatic, measured and absorbing. Pakistans representative to the UN undertook a splendid fire-fighting campaign to mitigate the negative fallout. It is a matter of satisfaction that new evidence absolves Pakistan of any kind of linkage with the Time Square misadventure. It is all the more soothing that such evidence emerged from within America. And to say the least, shame be upon those Pakistani pseudo-intellectuals who went overboard to inflict a sense of guilt upon their nation. Generally, it is a treat to listen to Hillary Clinton while she is testifying before the congressional committees on issues pertaining Pakistan. She displays remarkable insight and statesmanship during these interactions. As a matter of routine, her facts are sorted out; passion and logic intricately balance out each other, her arguments are assertive as indeed persuasive. At such occasions, one wonders if Pakistan could have a lobbyist better than Hillary. However, her periodic outbursts before the media are equally erratic and incompatible with her stature. She ends up firing verbal equivalents of WMD on slightest provocation by crooked anchors. Maybe it is the jet lag induced fatigue factor that derails the secretary on and off. Nevertheless, her dutiful assistant secretaries of state quickly point out that their boss utterances have been misconstrued due to editing. Faithfully, Mr Richard Holbrooke also does his bit to defend the secretary. We in Pakistan always thought media in the Unite States was a little better than the one we have; thanks to periodic shabby treatment of American media towards their own secretary of state, one could take the comfort that the Pakistani media is doing much better. During the last week, secretary of state was on yet another Pakistan-bashing spree. Points that incurred her ire were Time Square episode and the likely hideout of Osama. Barrels were indiscreetly directed towards Pakistan for pot shots. Nevertheless, retreat followed pretty soon. Only a couple of days prior to Hillarys Pakistan-bashing frenzy, President Ahmadenejad while responding to a media persons query regarding likelihood of Osamas presence in Iran, had given his views regarding the whereabouts of the fugitive. President Ahmadenejad expressed his opinion that Osama could very well be in the United States. Undoubtedly, there is a large constituency in this region which vehemently subscribes to this view. To further expand the scope of search some opine that if at all Osama is alive, then he must be somewhere on this planet. And anyone who knows Osamas location with better accuracy deserves to, at least, lead the CIA, and should earn the glory of grabbing Osama. Whereas, we all must make a concerted effort to locate Osama, uncertainness that shrouds his location warrant that President Ahmadenejads proposition be given due attention. At least the likelihood of Osamas non-presence in the United States needs to be ascertained through a scientific scrutiny. It is not a matter of envy that with all the resources at its disposal the sole superpower has not been able to locate Osama. Adding salt to the injury (of American intelligence community) are sporadic wild guesses by Hillary and other high-ranking Americans. In her fresh attempt while in an interview session, Hillary has once again tried to search Osama, wandering somewhere on the globe, care of Pakistan. She expressed the belief that Osamas location is almost an open secret in Pakistan, just not known to only those who could leak this information to America. As she was off the cuff, she could not hold ground, and when grilled further, she retraced. Thanks Hillary For stopping short of disclosing the hill number or cave number of Osamas residential address in Pakistan. Furthermore, a contingent of five Americans is under trial in Pakistan; these youngsters travelled all the way to embrace extremism as their way of life. There have also been other incidents, as well as attempts of terrorism, inside America, involving Americans. Once again it is not a tribute to the way American Muslims are being treated in their homeland. Probably, it is time for Homeland Security and other agencies to go into a soul searching exercise to find reasons for this emerging trend toward extremism and institute remedial measures to arrest the fad. Segregation of Muslims is on the rise in America which could be a cause for frustrating the youngsters. Before incorporating reconciliatory measures like golden surrender as a part of American COIN strategy, excessive and indiscriminate use of power in Afghanistan had created a large number of sworn anti-America youngsters. Likewise, use of drone attacks has added to the number of such ill wishers of America on the Pakistani side as well. This sentiment is understandable, its effects have so far been localised. Such groups view the sitting governments in both these countries as extension of American hegemony and take out their anger against them in a vain hope that it could hurt American interests. Post 9/11 stereotyping and racial profiling of Muslims within the United States, and those reaching America from elsewhere, appears to have touched the raw nerve of young American Muslims. Recent unfortunate attempts of terrorism could very well be manifestation of simmering communal and sectarian frustrations. Pakistan still houses a strong constituency that is yearning for mature and durable relations between the United States and Pakistan. Erratic knee-jerk actions by high-ranking leaders of America are eroding the influence of these well wishers. There is a need to make a sustainable course correction and combat extremism jointly in a mature way. Even amateur allies hesitate to conduct diplomacy through media. Surely, extremism gets a new lease of life as and when there is a peevish spate of brawling amongst allies. Recent outrages by President Hamid Karzai and his expression of desire to even join Taliban, if occupation forces do not mend their approach of high-handedness is indicative of the feeling that all is not well the way Americans are treating their allies. The reasons that led a well educated person to undertake this funny misadventure in Time Square have trails originating from overall economic recession eroding the social security element of American economy, alongside other socio-psychological dichotomies stretching American social and societal fabric to the seams. There is also a need for major media houses of America to exercise caution while handling such delicate matters. They should not let the media persons of Indian origin have a field day. Lack of accuracy of some op-ed pieces by this category of people needs a post factum in-house scrutiny by media entities. By default, these guys are primed to go into high gear to raise undue frenzy and inflict long lasting damage on Pak-US ties, which can only be partially corrected through follow up damage reduction measures. Extremism and its manifestation into militancy is an unfortunate phenomenon, which is an outcome of the long time faulty American policies towards this region. Reversing the tide of extremism is always a log haul activity, warranting strategic patience. Certainly, blowing 'hot and sour towards Pakistan is not likely to bring solution to the rising tide of the homegrown trend towards extremism in America, nor would it help locate Osama. The writer is a retired air commodore of Pakistan Air Force. Email: