ISLAMABAD - First-term examinations are just around the corner in the schools but the students of some state-run schools have yet to receive books of all the subjects. Though, the books of most of the subjects have been given to the students but not according to the number of students of the class. Few have managed to get it but others are still waiting for them. The parents of students have been complaining to the teachers that why the schools are taking exams when the books have not been given to them. They have been demanding to postpone the exams. One such parent said that they had purchased the books on their own as exams are going to start. A teacher of a school informed that though the books had been distributed among the students but the books of grammar, dictionary and atlas, which were given to the students last year, had not been given. The books should have been supplied to the schools on March 31 when the students got their results. Instead, they are being distributed now. In the last May, first term exams of the students had been started and the delay in the supply of books caused wastage of time for the students, as the students were given only few days for preparation. Though the directorate provides free of costs books to the students but they are asked for binding of the books and purchase the copies on their own, which is quite expensive. Binding is more expensive than books. Copies are also costly and the shopkeepers charge more prices than the written prices. The expenses of a school education are going up, if you have more than one child, the burden is even higher, complained a parent.