NEW YORK The suspect in a failed Times Square car-bombing picked up $4,000 in cash at a Dunkin Donuts shop in Long Island, a suburb of New York, the Daily News reported Friday. The connection to the doughnut shop came on a day of fast-moving developments in the investigation of the May 1 bomb attempt in Times Square, including the arrests of three Pakistani nationals, the newspaper reported. Faisal Shahzad is accused of leaving an explosives-laden vehicle in the heart of the theatre district. Federal agents arrested him two days later at New Yorks John F Kennedy International Airport as he was trying to fly to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Since his arrest, US authorities say Shahzad has been cooperating with investigators. It was not clear who gave the money at Dunkin Donuts to Shahzad, a naturalised US citizen from Pakistan, people familiar with the investigation said. The Daily News said Shahzad received the money in a clandestine meeting at the shop. There was no word on when the meeting took place. Authorities said they suspect the three men arrested in Thursdays four-state FBI terror sweep at least helped raise funds to finance the bombing attempt. There is at least a basis to believe that one of the things that they did was to provide him with funds, said US Attorney General Eric Holder. Besides possibly providing cash, sources informed the Daily News the suspects could have given cellphones to Shahzad. The three suspects picked up in the FBI raids were arrested on immigration charges.