WAH CANTT As the demand for milk and yogurt increased due to rise in mercury level, prices of loose milk and yogurt have also increased by Rs 10 to 15 per liter and Rs 16 per kilogram, respectively, in various parts of twin cities of Taxila and Wah Cantonment as the local administration and Price Control Committee turned blind eye towards the issue due to the reasons best known to them. It has been observed that the shopkeepers and milkmen across the city have unilaterally increased prices of unpackaged milk to Rs 50 to Rs 55 against official price list of Rs 40 per liter and yogurt to Rs 60 against the official price of Rs 44 per kilogramme, making the commodity too expensive for the poor. Milkmen have implemented the new price across the city without the permission of local government and Price control committee and even new price list is placed at their respective shops. Milkmen have increased the price of milk from Rs 50 per liter to Rs 55 per liter. Yogurt is being sold in the City at Rs 60 per kg against the notified price of Rs 44 per liter. Milkmen who claim that they sell only pure milk have also increased price from Rs 55 per litre to Rs 62 per liter. The official price of yogurt is Rs 44 per kg. Milk, which is a basic human need and essential for growing children, women and the elderly, is no longer in reach of the poor. People have strongly criticised the recent increase in milk prices, asking the government to take action against milkmen violating official milk and yogurt prices. They have questioned as to why price magistrates are not taking action against those milkmen who had unilaterally increased milk price. Talking to this reporter, an official of Price Control Committee said that the Committee had not notified any increase in milk price. He said some milkmen increased the price of milk and yogurt unilaterally and the department would take action against the official price list violators after receiving written complaint from the consumers. Moreover, due to apathy of the local administration and health authorities concerned, the sale of substandard milk continues unchecked here in twin cities of Taxila and Wah Cantonment. Residents complained that they were being forced to use adulterated milk due to the negligence of the authorities unabated. Survey further revealed that the available milk in the markets was adulterated causing various diseases among the people. Consumers complain that milk sellers mix water and chalk with milk to increase its quantity and thickness. The health experts are of the view that the milk available in the city is responsible for various diseases including diarrhea, cramps and allergic conditions in children while the adults may suffer from allergies, cancer, heart diseases and arthritis.