LAHORE - Stressing upon the government to come out of the US alliance and refuse to carryout military operation in North Waziristan, naib ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Sirajul Haq has said that US wanted unrest in the country for getting an excuse to roll back nuclear programme. He was addressing a Press conference here on Saturday. JI Information Secretary Anwar Niazi and other leaders were also present. Sirajul Haq said that presence of the US intelligence agents has increased considerably in tribal areas and Khyber Pk. He said that the US had intensified drone attacks which were causing large scale killings. He said that some government officials were acting as the US agents which created serious threat to the solidarity of the country. He urged the rulers to revise foreign policy and review stance on war and terror in the best interests of the country. Faculty concerned over Dr Ayyaz Alis arrest Faculty, staff, the postgraduate students and the medical students of the Shaikh Zayed Medical Complex have expressed their concerns over the detention of their colleague Dr Ayyaz Ali Khan, Associate Prof of Dentistry at the PGMI in UAE. His family, wife and children are extremely worried and upset over his absence and having no knowledge of his whereabouts, after he was detained on his visit to the Al Rafah University at Raas Al Khaima, they said in a statement issued on Saturday. He is known for his dedication to teaching, excellence in the profession of dentistry and well known for his research and international publications. His absence is a severe blow to public service at the Shaikh Zayed Hospital, they said. We unanimously show solidarity with him and request the Govt of Pakistan to make efforts for his early release from Govt of the UAE. Symposium The inaugural session of The Third National Symposium on 'Recent Trends in Endocrinology and Reproductive Sciences was held at the University of Lahore, on Saturday. The symposium was inaugurated by Dr Asim Hussain, Chancellor Ziaudin University, Karachi with special guest Prof Dr Syed Sibtul Hasnain, President PMDC. The speakers enlightened the audience with the vision of CRIMM and the 3rd National Symposium. They spoke about the importance of biological education in general. Dr Syed Sibtul Hasnain dilated on the importance of private sector universities and their role in improving the quality of scientific and medical education in the country. Dr Anwer Nasim followed by invited lecturers also delivered keynote lectures on the occasion.