FAISALABAD - Value-Added Textile Forum have announced to stage protest rallies and demonstrations on every Tuesday and Wednesday to stress their demand for imposition of Regulatory Duty of 30pc on export of cotton yarn from the country. In a meeting of the Forum held here on Saturday the imposition of 15pc regulatory duty on export of cotton yarn by the Government was considered to be insufficient and half-hearted measure. The Forum Leader Khurram Mukhtar Chairman Pakistan Textile Exporters Association (PTEA), Rana Mushtaq Khan, Central Chairman Pakistan Hosiery Manufacturers Association, Javed Balwani Chairman Pakistan Apparel Forum and Khaliq Qandeel Ansari, Secretary Powerloom Association Multan rejected the 15pc Regulatory Duty announced by the Government and demanded to enhance this duty to 30pc. They said that Govt should consider the cotton yarn as basic and essential raw material for the value-added textile industry and should impose total ban on export of this basic and essential raw material. They said this was imperative to enable the value-added sector to earn maximum foreign exchange for the country. Elaborating their argument they stated that with the export of 1 kilogram of cotton yarn foreign exchange of 1 dollar is earned whereas with the export of same quantity of yarn in shape of value-added textile finished goods and readymade garments 8 times more forex is earned. They said it was unfair to give preference to $1 earning industry over the 8 dollars earning industry. They said that value-added sector was also most labour intensive sector and was presently providing employment to more than 18 millions workforce in the country whereas the 400 spinning mills were providing jobs to few thousands workers only. They warned that if the value-added sector was forced to close down, millions of workers would be rendered jobless and the worst law and order situation in the country would be created. The Forum leader contended that the spinning sector was trying to blackmail the Government by announcing shut down for 2 days on Tuesday and Wednesday every week. This is clear blackmailing and the spinners are trying to create artificial shortage and scarcity of this essential raw material for value-added industry in the country. They said that the Govt should divert the gas use by spinning sector in these 2 days to value-added sector. They further stated that the Forum will hold protest rallies and demonstration every Tuesday and Wednesday of the week to foil their intention. The Forum demanded total ban on export of cotton yarn from the country to provide basic and essential raw material to value-added industry or otherwise to enhance the regulatory duty to 30pc.