ISLAMABAD Although the World Bank did not rule out funding for Diamer-Bhasha Dam, yet its Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) of around $6.6 billion for Pakistan covering next four years has no mention of it. The list of the total 42 proposed projects in the Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) to be considered by World Banks Board of Directors (BoD) in next four years available with TheNation has no mention of Diamer-Bhasha but it certainly includes Dasu Hydropower Project Phase-I. Overall lending will remain within limits set by IDA availability estimated at $4.1 billion and IBRD lending facility up to $2.6 billion, sources revealed. However, World Bank would also extend lending for other projects like Tarbela-IV Hydropower Extension. The overall lending facility includes $2.571 billion under International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) mode and $4.057 billion under International Development Association (IDA). According to the CAS, which is almost finalised by the World Bank, it would extend $1.9 billion to Pakistan for power, water and gas projects to mitigate the energy crisis in the country. According to the list of projects under CAS, which is being finalised in consultation with the government of Pakistan, the Bank is likely to announce $6.6 billion lending for Pakistan under four-year Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) 2010-2013 shortly. According to the CAS, during year 2010, World Bank is to extend loan amounting to $0.971 billion, which includes $0.271 billion under IBRD, and $ 0.7 billion under IDA. However, in compliance with the indicative Lending Programme in break up, World Bank is likely to provide loan for PSRC 1, Social Safety Nets DPC, Higher Education DPC, Khyber Pakhtunha Emergency Recovery Credit, Punjab Barrages II Project and for Karachi Port improvement. Similarly, during the year 2011, World Bank has indicated to disburse $1.557 billion loan under CAS with $0.7 billion under IBRD and $0.857 billion under IDA facility. More, the major amount of $ 400 million under IBRD facility would be extended to Pakistan for Tarbela IV Hydropower Extension that would help to surmount power shortage crisis. During the year 2012, Pakistan hopes to receive $1.950 billion, which includes $0.6 billion under IBRD, and $ 1.5 billion under IDA facility. The major funding will be disbursed as $ 0.350 billion for PSRC III, $0.350 billion for Punjab Education Sector Project and $ 0.3 billion for Tertiary Education Project. Likewise, World Bank may extend $ 2 billion under CAS with $ 1 billion under IBRD and $1 billion under IDA facility, during the year 2013. However, the noteworthy projected disbursements for Electricity Transmission and Distribution APL II would be 0.3 billion, $0.1 billion for Provincial Fiscal DPL, $0.1 billion for Social Protection Provincial Project, $0.4 billion for Dasu Hydro Power Phase I, $0.15 billion for Punjab Cities APL II, $0.2 billion for Rural Roads Project, $0.16 billion for Sindh Barrage Project, and $0.1 billion for Suki Kinari Hydro PPP (guarantee).