ISLAMABAD Despite being declared persona non grata by Government of Pakistan, a Danish journalist is still managing to stay in the Federal Capital as some powerful officials in law enforcement department coupled with some covert elements are facilitating extension in her stay. Sources in both Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Information informed TheNation that dubious and murky activities of Puk Damgard Anderson in the Federal Capital and her frequent visits to the troubled tribal belt drew the attention of law enforcement agencies and they were keeping eye on her activities for quite sometime. In the light of the reports about her dubious activities and above all the imminent chances of being made target by the extremist elements who are in the know of her activities in Pakistan, particularly her alleged distribution of the Danish newspapers copies carrying blasphemous caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Ministry of Interior declared her persona non grata and asked all the concerned departments including Ministry of Foreign Affairs, FIA and Police for her immediate deportation. The lady journalists sprang into action soon after receiving the letter on April 23, blacklisting her and directing her to leave the country within seven days of receipt of the letter. She approached many top government functionaries to get the order cancelled. Anderson, who is staying with an American diplomat in the Federal Capital, was still using various channels to stay back in Islamabad, for reasons best known to her, finally succeeded in getting her deportation process halted for the time being. The sources in Ministry of Information informed TheNation that Anderson had also approached Federal Minister for Information Qamar Zaman Kaira in this connection who after having a word with officials in Ministry of Interior had expressed his inability to help her and advised her to leave the country as it was in her own interest as the Ministry of Interior had reports that she could came under attack from extremist elements while she was moving around in parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and that too without formally intimating the concerned law enforcement agencies. The sources in the Interior Ministry informed that they had received credible information about the chances of her being attacked by the extremist elements for her clandestine activities in the troubled areas under the garb of serving the cause of women folk. Some other sources informed that Anderson had also distributed the Danish newspaper copies carrying caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) among some of her friends in the Federal Capital and her activities were exceeding the legal limits of a tourist or a foreign journalist staying here on a visit visa. These sources revealed that her stay with an American official of US Embassy also raised many doubts about her character and she was also using her contacts in the US Embassy for extending her stay in Islamabad, despite the fact that her own life was in danger and this fact was brought to her notice by concerned authorities. Now the officials who are to implement the orders of her deportation are in a fix, as on one hand they were given direction by the Ministry of Interior to deport the lady while on the other hand some very powerful official from Police Department had barred them from executing the Ministrys orders.