LAHORE (Online) Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has said Pakistan has rendered unprecedented sacrifices in war against terror and now the world will have to do more. The PM said this during his meeting with an 8-member delegation of German journalists here at his residence on Saturday. The Pakistani nation was fighting war against terror in unison and it had achieved enormous successes in this regard, he said, adding that the image of our country had been distorted at international level due to terrorism. In consequence of the operations conducted by the army the menace of terrorism had been overcome to a great extent, he added. Pakistans prestige had been restored at the international level due to its successful war against terrorism while the country had suffered heavily in this war, he remarked. The international community should extend more cooperation to Pakistan for elimination of terrorism, he said. Miscreants and anti-state elements would be fully eliminated with the cooperation of army and people of Pakistan, he pledged. The nuclear assets of the country were in safe hands, he reiterated, adding this had also been acknowledged by the US President. Democracy had grown stable in the country and problems faced by the people would be resolved through reconciliation, he noted. The government was taking steps to overcome energy crisis, he said, adding foreign investors were getting attracted to invest in Pakistan. The PM underlined Pakistan was facing multiple crises at present and it was imperative that European Union (EU) should provide Pakistani products access to its markets for the betterment of our economy besides enabling us to counter these challenges. Benazir Bhutto Shaheed was leader of an international stature, he said, adding had she been alive she would have played pivotal role for global peace. Media is enjoying full freedom in the country and government had appreciated even negative criticism on many occasions, he remarked.