Last decade or so has seen a massive growth in media and its power in Pakistan, but as everything else, this also has a downside. There is a deluge of trash channels showing whatever they feel like. One channel called ‘Light’ started with some preaching but it has ended up showing Indian songs. What is baffling and ridiculous is how much does it cost to start a channel? Where is all this money coming from? Is there no requirement for opening a channel? I checked the internet and it says you need a small fortune to start a channel?

One cannot help but feel biased at times, considering the ever increasing political debate shows where nothing has ever come to a satisfactory conclusion. The solution to this unchecked media coverage should be in the hands of an authority of journalists and gatekeepers regulating, censoring content and medium itself. Masses should also have a greater say with quick feedback and meaningful protest against inappropriate material or personal prejudices reflected in dramas and talk shows.

Media should understand that with such great power there is, indeed greater responsibility and its failure to fulfill that is a misuse of its power. This house of cards could come tumbling down bringing a fall for the good channels as well.


Karachi, May 8.