The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) exclusively focused on ensuring free, fair and transparent elections. It had directed the Caretakers not to allow diversion of funds from the budgeted allocations as it may be construed as pre-poll rigging and to dismiss or remove all those appointed with partisan leanings in a position to manipulate the elections. While the Caretakers’ mandate is also to ensure that elections are held in a free and fair manner.

There are two major decisions, with major financial implications, on the common man that have been taken by the Caretakers recently. First and foremost in an attempt to ensure that loadshedding is minimised, to forestall the expected public show of anger against loadshedding, the Caretakers have already diverted billions of rupees to Pakistan State Oil (PSO) to enable it to procure the fuel necessary to allow the power sector to operate at 100 percent operational capacity. The courts have already given directions to remove some key officials in some provinces though their directives have not yet been implemented entirely, especially with reference to Sindh.


Karachi, May 13.