Since the announcement of May 11 general election results, many Pakistan People’s Party stalwarts, including Punjab Governor and the Pakistani Ambassador to US, Sherry Rehman have resigned; however, the Attorney General of Pakistan (AGP) Irfan Qadir, who was appointed by the PPP government, is not ready to resign and wants to continue till the pleasure of President.

Article 100 (2) says, “Attorney General shall hold office during the pleasure of the President.” The sub-clause (4) of the same article states, “The Attorney General may, by writing under his hand addressed to the President, resign his office.”

Talking to the media persons in his office at the Supreme Court building here on Wednesday the AGP said: “I have never thought of resigning from my position but if my appointing authority (President) would ask me to leave then I shall resign.”

He said the 31st July 2009 judgement, in which a 14-member bench of the Supreme Court has declared former President Pervez Musharraf usurper, is a bad verdict, as over 100 judges of high judiciary were sent packing through this judgement without following the procedure, described in Article 209 of Constitution.

Irfan Qadir has the opinion that 3rd November 2007 is not the act of high treason but the deviation from the constitution. He stated that in the past the courts had been validating the military interventions therefore the court should show restraint in Musharraf case, as on the 3rd November the constitution was held in abeyance only for one month, while other institutions were intact and continued to function.

The attorney general said after the reinstatement of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and the other SC judges there were number of judgements, including 31st July, NRO and PM Yousaf Gilani’s disqualification, were inconsistence with the Constitution. He said that the inconsistencies should be removed and expected that Chief Justice before his retirement would remove these inconsistencies. He further said that the Parliament through legislation could also remove the discrepancies.