Makhdoom Ahmad Mehmood who has recently resigned from his office but his resignation has not be accepted by President Zardari, said that the public had rejected the PPP for its bad governance during the last five year tenure and elected new ones.

Mr Mehmood was meeting with various delegations including PPP office-bearers, newly elected members of the parliament, former nazims and other notables who reached Makhdoom House Jamaldin Wali to felicitate him over the election victory of his sons - newly elected member of National Assembly Mustafa Mehmood and newly elected MPA Murtaza Mehmood.

He also thanked the local people for voting and supporting his sons. On the occasion, he said, “We accept the decision the public has given in the general elections. Insha’Allah, (if God Willing) the people of Wasaib will not be disappointed and we will come up to their expectations and will remain among them for all time. All the resources will be utilised for the development of the region and protection of the people’s rights.”

He also said that all the companions would be consulted with across the district and all decisions would be made after consultation. He hoped that the newly elected members of parliament should work in line with the people’s desires otherwise in the next elections also they would be rejected by the people. He said that he had tendered his resignation from the office so that the newly elected government could appoint its own governor in the Punjab.

Earlier, Mr Mehmood arrived in Jamaldin Wali village by his private chopper from Lahore after completion of general elections process. He was accorded warm welcome the local people. He reached Jamaldin Wali to celebrate the victory of his two sons and likely to return to Lahore after two days.

As per reports, the governor has sent his resignation to President Zardari after the PPP’s crushing defeats across the country especially in the Punjab province.  However, sources said, the president has not accepted his resignation and asked him to continue his work as the Punjab governor.

Mr Mehmood had assumed the office over four months ago. He was then the president of PML-Functional Party in Punjab, but the party leadership removed him from the office after his decision to become the Punjab governor.

The PPP has won only one National Assembly seat from Punjab. Incidentally, the seat went to Makhdoom Mustafa, the son of Governor Mahmood, from Rahim Yar Khan.