Chairman Pakistan Patriotic Movement (PPM), Abdur Rashid Yousafzai, has strongly condemned MQM chief Altaf Hussain for his statement regarding the severance of Karachi from Pakistan and asked the government to stop Altaf’s speeches in Pakistan.

Addressing a news conference here on Wednesday, Abdur Rashid said that Pakistan is not property of a person. He added, “Pakistan is our motherland and we will sacrifice our lives but will not let it divided on the wishes of a group of anti-state agents.”

He demanded of the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo moto notice of the anti-state slogan of Altaf and initiate stern legal action for manoeuvering treason and provoking masses against state. Flanked by Ihsanullah, Noor Tauheed and Abdul Wahab Afridi, he said that Karachi is the economic heart of Pakistan and Altaf has no right to issue such statements. If the anti-state and foreign agents tried to divide even an inch of Pakistan, the entire nation will give them a lesson,” he warned.