Like those in other parts of the country, the people of Attock too have proved that democracy is the best revenge as the candidates of PPP have to face the worst defeat.

In NA-57 Attock, the PPP did not find a local candidate and the ticket was awarded to Gulzar Awan hailing from Rawalpindi who bagged only 1,801 votes while here the registered voters are 353,751 while the turnout remained 52 percent. In NA-58, the PPP could not produce any candidate. In NA-59, former state minister Sardar Saleem Haider, PPP candidate, bagged 31,726 votes.

In this constituency, the registered voters are 309,334 while the turnout was 64 percent. In PP-15, Shahan malik of PPP bagged 2,698 votes while the registered voters are 198,413 showing the turnout of 56.34 percent.

In PP-16, Dr Muhammad Naeem Awan of PPP could secure only 987 votes. In this constituency registered voters are 189194 while the turnout was 50.27 percent. In PP-17m, Muhammad Riaz of PPP bagged 24186 votes, the registered voters are 218325 and the turnout was 64 percent. In PP-18, Afzaal Hussain of PPP bagged 5459 votes. The registered voters 221636 and the turnout was 66.42 percent and in PP-19, PPP could not find any candidate to contest elections.

The crushing defeats of PPP candidates across the country are a proof that this time majority of the voters did not bother the influence and reputation of the candidates in their constituencies. This time majority of the people voted for the survival of the country. Most of the people even Jiyalas who are not shy about the performance of PPP voted against PPP. They were of the opinion that PPP left no stone unturned to destroy main institutes of the country and made life of the people miserable.

It is to be noted that in Attock, out of three National Assembly seats, two have been bagged by PML-N and out of five provincial assembly seats, four have been secured by PML-N.