Newly elected MNA Malik Aetbar Khan has said that an all-out effort will be made for the development of Jand and Pindigheb tehsils of the district.

He said this while talking to the media at his residence in village Khunda. He said that the condition of roads in Pindigheb was dilapidated and special funds would be allocated to improve the condition of these roads. He said that his first priority was to establish an industrial zone on the border of Pindigheb and Jand to generate economic activities and create job opportunities at local level.

He claimed that PML-N Qauid Nawaz Sharif would not disappoint the people of this country. He said that the constituency had been ignored for the last many years, however now special attention would be made for its development.

To a question, Khan said that he would make efforts to solve all the problems of the residents of his constituency on merit and without discrimination.

While replying another question, He said that education was the basic right and every hurdle would be removed from the smooth way leading towards the promotion of quality education, besides ensuring early provision of all the basic missing facilities in these government schools.