The ANP head Asfandyar Wali has accepted the election results despite many reservations and decided to sit on opposition benches in Centre and KP Assembly.

Talking to media after party’s meeting in Islamabad, he expressed the resolve to eschew any coalition with ruling party but definitely cooperate in better national interests.

He said that reasons for losing elections were being critically reviewed and anybody including him found being responsible would definitely be taken to task. “If we had boycotted the elections, despite being targeted by terrorists, this would have compromised the democratic process”, he deliberated, adding that “being democratic–oriented, we accept the results despite countless reservations”.

Asfandyar also advised PML-N and PTI to stop the redundant and harmless tradition of blame game over election results and resolved to support government’s prudent and productive policies.

He said: “we were forced to contest elections at the cost of our lives threatened by terrorists, while the Election Commission merely sat on sidelines, taking no notice of our pleas for help”.

On the occasion, he also saluted ANP activists for participating in elections wearing their (ideological) red caps, and warned that any effort to dislodge 18th Amendment would be strongly resisted.

Replying to a question, he strongly rejected accusations against any of ANP activists from discouraging female voters to exercise their adult franchise, assuring that anybody found doing the act would be expelled from party ranks.