PPP central leader Senator Raza Rabbani, unveiling a seven-point agenda to monitor the performance of the next PML-N government, has announced that the party will play an effective and constructive role as opposition in and out of the parliament.

Addressing a press conference at the Karachi Press Club on Wednesday, Raza Rabbani said PPP had accepted the results of the elections with reservations as the party was singled out by Taliban due to its ideology of left, but no security was provided to their candidates in the country.

Rabbani said multiple factors, including international establishment’s conspiracy to bring the right wing party to the power corridors, poor performance of the party government in Balochistan and rigging, caused failure of the party in the elections.

He said PPP had a clear majority and would form government in Sindh. “Through good governance and excellent performance in the provincial government, we will give message to the PML-N’s federal government that PPP is waiting for next tenure,” he said.

Announcing to sit on opposition benches in the parliament, the PPP leader unveiled the seven point agenda through which the party would monitor the performance of the PML-N government.

In economic sector, Rabbani said, the party would monitor the economic policies of the government and negotiations with IMF and its conditions, price-control mechanism and relief in terms of reduction of prices of daily-use items expected from the new government.

The PPP would monitor the performance of the new government in terms of job generations for the people as well as restoration of trade unions in banks and industries, he asserted.

Senator Raza Rabbani said the party would guard the provincial autonomy introduced under the 18th Amendment in the Constitution. He declared PPP would not allow the federal government to roll back the provincial autonomy, implemented after a long struggle of democratic and nationalist forces, he reiterated. He condemned the efforts made by the caretaker government to transfer health and education sectors back to the Centre from the provinces unconstitutionally. The party would monitor the implementation on the 18th Amendment in the Constitution, he added.

He continued PPP, as opposition, would gauge the performance of the PML-N government on equal share of the provinces and the federal government from the natural resources. In addition, gas and electricity could not be transferred to another province if the needs of the province in which it is produced were not fulfilled.

Rabbani stated the party would wait for the national anti-terrorism policy of the next government as a counter strategy against the international and national terrorism and extremism as there was no mention of a clear policy in the election manifesto of PML-N.

“If the federal government does not come up with any policy, the opposition will bring a counter-terrorism policy for legislation through private members’ bill in the parliament,” the PPP leader announced.

Rabbani said: “The party will also monitor the foreign policy of the next government and see whether it adopts the old foreign policy in Afghanistan or implement the independent foreign policy recommended by the joint session of the parliament through a resolution on October 22, 2008.”

The PPP leader said the opposition would wait for the clear policy of the PML-N government on drone attacks as well as its stance on the US withdrawal from Afghanistan next year and policy about Taliban as well as relations with Afghanistan.

The senator said PPP would closely monitor the performance of the government about the energy crisis. The party would monitor the stance and policy of the next government about mega projects of Pak-Iran Gas Pipeline and Gwadar Port under the Chinese government which caused anger of international establishment against the party, Rabbani said, adding the international establishment’s conspiracy was one of the factors for PPP’s failure in the elections. PPP would also monitor the next government’s policy on Balochistan and steps to control the law and order in the country, he added.

Raza Rabbani said PPP would not indulge in the politics of opposition for the sake of opposition against the government, but would play an effective and constructive role.

Replying to a question, he ruled out possibility of any forward bloc in PPP in the Senate, the National Assembly or within the party setup.

Replying to another question, he said poor performance of the party’s government and failure to implement the Balochistan package factored defeat of PPP in the province.