The much awaited elections are finally over, the great thing was seeing millions turnout for the exceptional day. All the hype created by media and the political parties paid off! Despite severe terrorist threats, the brave nation stood strong. Although the desired party of the educated class did not win, we should all join hands and support democracy to build a prosperous and strong Pakistan. The results might be unexpected, especially for the youth who chanted slogans of ‘New Pakistan’ but we should remain humble and cool and show peace and harmony.

Social media has played a pivotal role to motivate the nation to cast their votes. As all the process has been completed and results are being announced, being a living nation we have also proved that whatever the result, we have to accept it bravely. This is as important as casting our vote was. If we resist, the democracy process will be derailed and the dream of a new, prosperous and strong Pakistan will not come true.


Lahore, May 12.