Pakistan is rightly ringing the alarm bells in UN Security Council to initiate emergency action to prevent Africa from becoming the new epicenter of terrorism. Since this shows that the scourge is tightening its grip on the globe, there is no denying the warning that the world peace is yet again in existential danger.

Pakistan’s Permanent Representative in New York, Masood Khan speaking during a high-level debate on combating terrorism across Africa said that terrorist groups were hampering United Nations-African Union and peacekeeping missions. According to him, terrorist threat in Africa is thriving on political, religious and ideological extremism with organised crime as well, while historical and cultural aspects were dividing opinion over fighting the scourge head-on. Many African countries and regions risk sinking ever deeper into instability and disintegration. The causes of terrorism in Africa seem common; factors such as poverty, unresolved disputes and a lack of economic incentives have muddied the waters. Various reports and investigations suggest that over the past year, Al-Qaeda and its allies have entrenched their presence in North and West Africa. A shocked world looked on when in January 2013, an Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist outfit led by Mokhtar Belmokhtar took more than 800 people hostage near Amenas, Algeria, killing three Americans. It is imperative that the world community understood the need for applying whatever force and will it takes to stamp out extremism in Africa and also elsewhere in the world.

The Afghan example should give sleepless nights to many. That was just one place but it had a disastrous impact everywhere, even in parts that were considered impregnable against such attacks. What might happen, if that many-headed monster thriving unobtrusively in a part of the continent where already it would have plenty of cloaks to hide goes out on the loose.