Over a dozen non-career Pakistani ambassadors and High Commissioners currently serving in various overseas missions are likely to lose jobs because of new government as they have been appointed by former ruling coalition led by PPP.   

Pakistan ambassador to the United States Sherry Rehman has already resigned and some of remaining were either on the verge of following the suit while some were using their contacts in the upcoming ruling PML-N to retain their positions.

According to informed sources, high commissioners to the United Kingdom and India, Pakistan’s permanent representative for the United Nations, Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Ambassador to Oman and four retired generals and one retired air marshal are likely to lose their jobs.

The sources said that the ambassadors and high commissioners who are engaged on political basis are under obligation of condition that they accepted for the appointment that they would be deemed resigned with the change of government.  Pakistan has 70 ambassadors across the world and non-career envoys have been appointed under 20 per cent quota including five from the armed forces.

The sources in the PML-N said that the new government would not retain them, as they were political appointees.

Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) as main opposition party during PPP-led ruling coalition had made a demand for the immediate removal of non-career ambassadors for their loyalty with President Asif Ali Zardari.

Likewise the new government would remove some of the career diplomats’ hand picked by President Zardari.

Meanwhile, sources in Foreign Office declined to comment on the development saying there was no change so far and was premature to say such things.

On the other hand, the sources in the PML-N said that the new government would not only change the non-career and loyal envoys but would also look into irregularities in large-scale political appointments made by the former Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar.