PESHAWAR - Rejecting election results, PML-N candidate on NA-40 North Waziristan Agency, Naek Amal Khan, has demanded re-polling in the presence of Army.Speaking at a news conference here at press club on Wednesday, Naek claimed that polling was not held in a free, fair and transparent manner. He held the Election Commission and Political Administration responsible for failure to keep the environment conducive to ensure free and fair electoral process in the Agency."We will not accept such engineered results, in which democratic norms were completely violated," he warned. He also alleged that the Election Commission and political administration authorities had not taken prompt measures to ensure holding of transparent and fair elections in the constituency. Naek further alleged that ballot boxes at several polling stations were unsealed and ballots (votes) were changed by expelling the deployed polling staff from the polling stations. "No action was taken against the rigging complaints in NA-40 NWA, despite bringing it in notice of the Administration and ECP officials, he regretted.He urged the Election Commission to verify the finger prints upon polled votes, from NADRA, in NA-40, and declare the results as null and void, or re-hold elections in presence of Pak Army under the impartial administration, he demanded.Meanwhile, a losing independent candidate from NA-39 Orakzai Agency, Abbas Raza, has asked the Election Commission to take notice of the bogus voting in Orakzai and verify the polled votes from NADRA, and disqualify the candidates involved in rigging.At a press conference, Raza accused his opponent Dr Ghazi Jamal of rigging in this constituency, as fingerprints were either missed or fake on thousands of ballots papers. Later, another independent candidate Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad from the same constituency regretted the allegations regarding poll rigging in the constituency, and claimed that elections were held in a free, fair and transparent manner.Losers demand reelection in NA-36, PK-13 The losing contenders of NA-36 Mohmand Agency have rejected the election results and demanded fresh election in the presence of Pak Army.While addressing news conferences here at Peshawar Press Club on Wednesday, the losing candidates on NA-36 Mohmand Agency including PML-N Haji Zar Khan Safi, PTI Daud Khan Safi, JUI Muhammad Saeed and independent candidates Rahim Shah, Shahsawar Khan, Wahidullah Safi, Malik Asghar, and Abid Shah alleged that polling were engineered by certain influential contenders. They alleged that the polling stations No. 68 Shaheed Banda had been shifted to polling station No. 70 Sher Ali School with consultation with them or prior information by the authorities in the constituency.The polling stations in Duozai Government Primary School Kasmali and Government Primary School Taj Mohammad Duozai were also shifted to other locations, they complained, adding more than 3,700 voters were deprived of their constitutional right to vote. The contestants alleged that polling agents had been tortured in Paranghar and expelled from the polling area, aimed at to make sure victory of an independent candidate Bilalur Rahman from NA-36.Meanwhile, addressing a news conference, losing candidates on PK-13, Nowshera, rejected the results of May 11 polls, and asked the Election Commission to hold re-election in the constituency.The candidates including ANP Shahid Khattak, JUI-F Mufti Imtiaz Ali, JUP Syed Sabtain Gilani, PML-N Ikhtiyar Wali Khan, JUI-F Mufti Hakeem Ali and independent candidate Azizur Rahman said that rigging was made in polling. 'Ballot papers were take out from polling station but the ECP officials became silent spectators and did not take any action against the violators.'They asked the Election Commission to take notice of the alleged rigging in the constituency and verify the votes from NADRA. They also warned to launch a protest campaign if the ECP failed to take notice of the rigging.