The secondary school teachers (SSTs) of model colleges have targeted the recent action of Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) and Ministry of Capital Administration and Development (CAD) about time scale promotion, based on discrimination, saying the people should be promoted on merit and not on the basis of being employees of federal or model setup.

It is learnt that 463 male and 632 female SSTs of FG setup have got time scale promotion on March 15, 2013, which has created anxiety among the SSTs of model college setup who have been ignored again.

The teachers complained that Ministry of CAD is typically free to decide when to hand out promotions and whom to be promoted, unless either a protest or court puts limits on the CAD's right to pick employees for promotion.

An SST of Islamabad Model College for Boys (IMCB), F-8/4, on condition of anonymity said, "On one side SSTs of FG schools have been promoted while SSTs of model setup, however, have been kept far away from their right of promotion. We are being treated as stepchildren.

The administration has adopted pick-and-choose policy in promoting the SSTs in this respect. The SSTs of model setup are still waiting for their turn of promotion. I can't understand why we are out-rightly excluded from the promotion process?"

Another SST of IMCG, I-8/4, criticising the Ministry of CAD authorities lamented that the officials of the said ministry 'with the favoritism and red-tapism are notorious for not sparing even a single chance in creating hurdles towards issues of the SSTs of model setup teaching under FDE. As continuation of the same treatment, hide and seek is going to be played with them. Such discrimination deprives the SSTs of drive and self-motivation; it completely undermines the achievements and abilities of the hard-working SSTs of model setup. We believe this type of practice, does not promote dignity in the rules and is unfortunate.'

Promotions fall under the heading of terms, conditions set by the government. The ministry must make sure employees promotion decisions don't discriminate against employees because of being employees of FG or model setup, said another SST from IMCB, I-10/1.

Farzana Akram, joint secretary of Central Academic Staff Association of model colleges (CASA), maintained, "A similar situation arose in March 2012 when the teachers of FG setup were up-gradated whereas the teachers of model set up were kept away from their right of promotion. 

Finding no other solution, when the teachers of model setup moved to the Islamabad High Court and filed a petition for justice, they were immediately promoted. The present discriminatory behavior of the department once again compelling the teachers to knock the door of court to get the justice."

The CASA demands of the Ministry of CAD Secretary Shafqat Naghmi to look into the matter and expose the officials who leave no stone unturned in bringing about bad name for the department and dismantle the efforts towards uplifting and improvement in social and financial status of the hardworking SSTs of model setup, she added.