KARACHI- Jamaat-e-Islami Peshawar Ameer, Baharullah Khan said today that after the apology by Geo morning show host Dr Shaista Lodhi, the matter should not be blown out of proportion and any attempt to do so was equivalent to spreading religious hatred among people, according to reports.
The JI Peshawar leader further said that certain TV channels were trying to exploit the matter to create anarchy in the society and to please their “hidden masters." He urged that TV channels should not propagate religious chaos and immediately suspend the hateful agenda based on professional rivalry.
Baharullah Khan stated that after Dr Shaista’s apology , some broadcast organizations were trying to use the issue to trigger religious tensions and sectarianism. It should be discouraged and should immediately be restrained. It may be mentioned here that Geo has launched an inquiry against 'Utho Jago Pakistan' over the inadvertent mistake on Wednesday's show and has suspended the program team for indefinite period of time.
Earlier, Dr Shaista Lodhi, the host of the famous morning show “Utho Jago Pakistan”, apologized over the unintended mistake in the program that caused an uproar in various sections of the society. According to her statement aired today, the remorseful host said that she along with the entire team felt sorry and tendered an apology for the circumstances that were triggered unintentionally due to the content of the program broadcast yesterday. Dr Shaista said that she seeked forgiveness from the Almighty Allah over an unintended gaffe that hurt the sentiments of the people.