ISLAMABAD - Asian junior individual squash champion Syed Ali Mujatba Bokhari added another crown in his decorated cap by achieving career best world No 4 ranking in U-19 after the latest rankings was issued by the World Squash Federation (WSF).
Talking to The Nation on Thursday, Ali said: “It is due to my hard work that I earned this feat not only for me but also for the country but earn good name for it across the globe. At one hand, the WSF is fully endorsing my capabilities and age group, honouring me with good rankings, but on the other hand, a few certain individuals, who describe them as squash lovers, are creating one after another hurdle in my way. The world squash body recognised my age group, but our own officials are not ready to accept this reality.”
He said: “I am very disturbed with the attitude of such people who are sitting at the helm of affairs and event don't know the ABC of squash . Why the Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) is not taking action against the national criminals, who are inflicting huge damages to not only the country 's cause but also creating unwanted hurdles in the players way. I always try to green flag high and to larger extent, I succeeded in earning good name for the country .”
“I always prefer the country to myself therefore instead of defending title of the Asian Junior Individual Championship starts next month at Kish, Iran. I have decided to represent the country in the World Junior Team Squash Championship to be held in Namibia in August. I will try my best to help my team win the world junior title , a feat which is not achieved by Pakistan since long,” Ali added.
“I am more than willing to represent the country in the British Junior Open Squash Championship starting from January 1-6. This is my last year in U-19 and I want to sign off in great style by earning title victory for the country . If the PSF supports me fully, I will try my best to win glory for the country in return,” he added.
“I am still waiting for the call from Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif to meet him and share with my achievements, ambitions and plans and the problems which I and others have been facing as national players. So it is my humble request to the PM to spare some time from his busy schedule,” Ali concluded.