LAHORE - The foreign investment of $35 billion in energy, education and agriculture sectors is a vivid expression of trust in the incumbent political regime of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N).
These were the views of Punjab Parliamentary Secretary for Information & Culture and Member Punjab Assembly Rana Muhammad Arshad while talking to The Nation on Thursday.
The Pakistan army , ISI and the political administration are on the same page on all national issues including terrorism. 
He said all initiatives taken by the present government to end energy crisis and to attract foreign investment could only be implemented if there would be political stability in the country.
Rana alleged that PTI, PML-Q and PAT were conspiring to thwart government’s efforts to tackle the energy crisis by creating unrest with the ultimate motive of derailing the system.
He called upon these parties to support the government instead of launching protests. He said that such negative campaigns of these parties could harm the foreign investment in the country that was vital in the prevailing circumstances. Political stability in the country was in favour of all the political parties. He said Mian Nawaz Sharif government supported all reforms in the ECP and the PTI instead of launching agitation against election commission should wait for the decrees from courts of law. He said only 15 PTI candidates out of 425 challenged the election results while others accepted them. He said the decisions of the ECP and courts would be sacred for the current regime.
The parliamentary secretary said that the PTI government in KPK dismissed ministers on corruption charges while no one could raise finger on the PML-N politicians and ministers in Punjab.
The participation of the PM Nawaz Sharif, Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif, ISI DG Gen Zaheerul Islam, former president of Pakistan Asif Zardari, governor and CM Sindh in a meeting on Karachi situation showed that all the stakeholders were on the same page on fighting against lawlessness in the financial hub of Pakistan.
He said the PML N government wanted continuation of dialogue with the Taliban but not at the cost of lives of the innocent people. He said the federal government focused on the poor law and order in Karachi and made the Sindh government realized that it should do more to end mayhem in the city. He said the involvement of the Pakistan Army would give a strong message to the outlaws fighting for vested interests.
Rejecting the rumors that there were differences between the government and the army , he said, both wanted to end anarchy in the country. He said PM Sharif during his address in the UN assembly said foreign elements including the RAW and CIA had been playing a wicked game in Balochistan. He said some TTP members were on the payroll of the Indian agencies which tried to sabotage dialogue process.
Rana Arshad said the government believed in resolving the bilateral issues through dialogue.
He said the PML-N government inherited multiple issues including war on terror, poor law and order situation in the port city and energy crisis.
The Sharif government, during the short period of eleven months, managed to put the country on the road to progress. The political administration has signed 21,000 MW MOUs with the neighboring countries of which 10,500 MW will be added into the grid within three years. He said only China was investing in the energy, education and agriculture sectors, whereas UAE was investing $2.5b and the World Bank would pay $12b. He said 100MW from the Quaid-i-Azam Solar Park would soon be entered into the national grid that would ultimately produce 1,000MW. He said the additional energy in the power sector would help boost industry, businesses and reduce unemployment. He said the GSP Plus status to Pakistan was a result of constant efforts of the PM, CM and the Punjab governor. He said 80 percent of the land record of Punjab had been computerised that was a big achievement. The appointment of 30,000 educators and recruitment of police officials was examples of good governance.
Talking about the Metro Bus Service that was initiated in the metropolitan at the cost of Rs 38b, he said it lauded by the middle and lower class as over 160,000 people were travelling through this service daily. He said the same Metro would be replicated in Rawalpindi within short time of ten months. Those who could not develop Metros or any other such projects in their provinces were criticizing the public friendly projects in Punjab. He said the Kalabagh Dam (KBD) was need of the country and all the factions of the society should develop consensus on this issue. Though the military dictators could construct the KBD easily but their failure led to politicisation of the nation-friendly project. Had we constructed the KBD, there would have been no energy crisis in the country, Rana Arshad stressed.