ISLAMABAD- The sale of substandard locally made ice-cream is posing health hazards to the residents of twin cities of Islamabad and
Rawalpindi but the concerned authorities have turned a blind eye towards the situation.
Several factories in Tarnol area are involved in making ice-cream and ice candies by using contaminated water. According to some reports, some factories are even packing their substandard ice-creams in wrappers of famous ice-cream brands to make money by deceiving people. These brands are suppliers in both the cities, reports said.
The residents of Tarnol said that the district administration and other concerned authorities are not taking any action against the manufacturers of the substandard ice-creams for reasons best known to them. They said people especially children are falling prey to abdominal diseases and throat infection after eating the products.
The residents of many other areas including sectors G-8, G-9, I-9, I-10 of the federal capital and Chungi No 22, Scheme-III, Dhok Chaudhrian and other areas said that the vendors sell the substandard ice-cream outside schools. The children eat the ice-cream and fall ill.
The residents demanded the district administration, food department and other concerned authorities to take action against the manufacturers of the substandard ice-cream.