PESHAWAR- Professor Ibrahim, a member of Taliban negotiating committee, has blamed the government for non-seriousness in the peace dialogue process and called for army’s inclusion in the talks.
“We are concerned over a deadlock-like situation in peace talks . It due to government’s lack of interest and non-seriousness which is raising questions,” said Prof. Ibrahim, who is also Jamaat-e-Islami’s central leader said while speaking to a Private TV. He said the military should play its role and army’s representatives should be included in the negotiations. “There would be dangerous consequences if peace talks were sabotaged. We will not backdown despite hurdles,” he said.
On the other hands, reports said that Taliban leadership had expressed willingness to hold talks with government team in Miranshah town of North Waziristan. Sources said Taliban’s political shura has conveyed decision to the negotiating committee which is led by Maulan Sami-ul-Haq.