Mr Altaf Hussain has been residing in London for nearly 22 years as an asylum seeker. He declared that he was threatened and fear for this life made him flee to UK. He resides in a rich and opulent surrounding being paid by poor party members who are fleeced monthly. But I would still say that he should be given a Pakistani passport and his NIC to facilitate his return to Karachi.

An MQM Senator has threatened to ‘close’ Karachi for a year if Altaf Hussain’s passport was not issued immediately. I don’t know what he meant by closing Karachi; close it for whom and how? Surprisingly, the same MQM ‘Rabita Committee,’ which had been persistently saying that it didn’t want Altaf Hussain to return to Karachi is now adamant that he should be given his documents immediately. I am sure this is not for his return but some other legal matter! Has Karachi suddenly become safe or is it that London is no more a safe haven for him?


Rawalpindi, May 14.