KARACHI- A private media group reporters disrupted the press conference of All Pakistan Cable Operators Association at Karachi Press Club (KPC) and threatened their office-bearers during the media talk today.
As soon as the Chairman of All Pakistan Cable Operators Association Khalid Arain cable operators began his hurriedly-called press , a reporter of a private media group stood up and indulged in bickering with Arain along with targeting other cable operators’ representatives.
Initially Arain had said that cable operators faced difficulties due to recent situations. “Any program is not related to cable operators . We have no role in content generation. But we all are instantly blamed and our cable connections are cut off in rage and protest,” said Arain before he was disrupted by private media group’s reporters.
Flanked by cable operators from different regions of the country, Arain left the conference hall of KPC, announcing to call off his press talk due to commotion caused by Geo and Jang reporters. Talking to media while leaving the KPC premises, Arain said those talk of protecting press freedom have stopped us to speak. "A private TV channel reporters did not allow us to address a press conference ," he blamed.