The latest mishap at GPO Lahore destroyed what was to be an important part of my stamp collection. Apparently the people working in the post office got carried away at seeing a $40 dollar postal charge on a parcel and presumed it would have something very expensive inside and they opened my post. They must have been disappointed to find nothing significant except some stamps. Then they went an extra yard to ‘ensure’ that everything was returned as it was, forcing the stamps back into the envelope. The pushing and shoving must have coiled them, causing the sheets to buckle and develop permanent spines, hence destroying most of them completely. So very much like our criminal Customs people, on airports, who have the divine right to cut through our luggage and steal whatever they want without any ramifications.

The most basic ethics demand that everything be returned in the same state. Of course, this is all lost on the GPO and Customs people and I cannot do a thing about it. Despite that, I did try what I could, I used some contacts to get in touch with the Customs Lead at the Lahore GPO who obviously refused to accept the responsibility, after which I mailed all the contacts at the Pakistan Post Office website and predictably all those mails bounced back. Thus I was left holding destroyed goods with no one taking responsibility for it or saying sorry.


Lahore, May 11.