I was utterly abashed to read that Dr. Bernadette, a noble educationist, was forced to flee from Pakistan for fear of her life. Dr. Bernadette was appointed by the government as a part of an advisory committee whose purpose was to reform various textbooks and suggest recommendations for improvement. Since Islamic Studies is being taught as a separate subject in Karachi, it was her job to remove religious content from other subjects which had been included by Muslim writers. She was the target of malicious threats and remarks criticizing her work.

Her departure illustrates the fact that the authorities have miserably failed to protect any educated professional, who wants to work for the betterment of Pakistan. Despite having no link with Pakistan, this courageous lady made great contributions with regard to editing textbooks, and yet her welfare could not be guaranteed. In the past few weeks in Karachi, three voices have been silenced for eternity. Another narrowly escaped death and the last has left Pakistan. There has already been an exodus of talented physicians and engineers due to the frequency of terrorism. These incidents make me realize that the future of this country is still quite uncertain.

Among the foreign media, Pakistan is already notorious for harbouring terrorists. Dr. Bernadette's flight should be a matter of shame for all the relevant authorities. If we fail to bring about law and order, the efforts of every educated person for Pakistan shall be crushed once and for all.


Lahore, May 13.