a difference of opinion

S:    I’m glad the Zimbabweans have agreed to tour us. Some respite, after years. Will be great to see the return of international cricket in Pakistan.

A:    With due respect, it is just Zimbabwe we’re talking about here. Doesn’t really matter. The big guns still will only play at a neutral venue. They aren’t interested in visiting Pakistan. And there are so many problems in the country, cricket is the last thing you should be worrying about.

S:    Oh come on now. They are a test playing nation and have a great history of cricket. The big teams will slowly learn from this and start visiting soon. Or so we shall hope.

A:    We have to guarantee them security. These are tense times already for the nation. God forbid something happens, it will be an embarrassment and an absolute tragedy.

S:    We can’t be that negative and defeatist about our circumstances. We have to trust the government. And our people. Cricket is a uniting force, just wait and see the impact of a full Gadaffi stadium atmosphere. Cannot wait to go and support our players.

A:    I’m not that interested. It will be too hot. This isn’t the time or the season to be playing cricket of all things.

S:    Lighten up, I’ll buy you a ticket. The weather isn’t atrocious. We’ll manage. And so will the supporters and players.

A:    I don’t know. There are other things I am worried about, like the economy…

S:    Oh for God’s sake.