The shine and the glitz have come off. All the statements made by the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister sound like tales told to children. Do they live in an air bubble or on another dimension, very far from us, or is it just that they never hear the crying, shouting and clamour of the poor who are trying to break down their doors? Till two years ago I belonged to the middle class, but since the Sharifs have come to power I have slid down to the lower middle class. I cannot afford meat, but then who can? Tissue paper and toilet rolls are luxuries. I am glad I can still afford shampoo. The lives of most honest or single salaried people have been reduced to living from hand to mouth – I never understood the term till now.

How can they claim to have taken Pakistan out of misery and on the road to development? What is the matrix they are using to gauge the nation’s anger and pain at all the problems they face every day. It would be repetition to mention energy crises, terrorism, inflation, water scarcity, and so many daily problems that we all face except for the privileged 2% who are ruling us. There is no debate in the assemblies about our problems only about the division of money and how much they can get away with. Where does our annual budget go? Where is the national wealth and all the loans that they take?

In the last fourty years I never saw such hopelessness, or maybe it is a reflection of what is inside me... visible through the chinks of my armour against poverty. Such has the morality come to that what is given to another hurts me. It may not be my morsel or my right but the pain continues. The disregard for honesty, hard work , morality and ethics will show prove to be our undoing in the long run, if we as a nation continue on this path to destruction. We need to halt, take a breath and scrutinize what we have created. We need to ask ourselves: have we piled up garbage around us and expect a garden full of roses or have we created a destructive force ruled by Satan?

Every man for himself; accumulation of wealth with no kindness towards the poor or disabled; organizations on the brink of ruin for their callous actions, for it is true that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Will there be only a few who inherit the earth? Who walks the road to redemption and where are we all headed? Without a complete overhaul of all public sectors and all government offices we cannot clean this country of corruption that has seeped all the way to the core of our beings, from the vegetable vendor to the prime minister everyone needs to have checks and balances by an honest and ethical institute that can work without any political hindrance as well as be unapproachable. We need someone like Khomeini or Mustafa Kamal Pasha of Turkey to take us across this desert of hopelessness.