The recent attack on a bus carrying innocent civilians is one of the worst carnages ever seen in Pakistan. Killing 45 and leaving many wounded this is not the first attack on buses, but this took place when an operation against militant is underway. Deish (IS) leaflet were found in the bus and TTP has claimed responsibility for the attack and the possibility of RAW involvement cannot be ignored. The question is who is providing these attackers arms and funds to carry out such operation? Why has our intelligence agency not been able to penetrate their network? Why is the National Action Plan is not being implemented vigorously?

It is the prime duty of a government to protect the lives of its citizen’s. In any democratic country the civilian government would have resigned after such an incident but our politicians have no morality. Its seems as if Pakistan Army is the only institute left responsible for everything related to governance and the politicians were elected to just have fun and games and come on TV to abuse other party members. How long will the people of Pakistan have to suffer at their hands?


May 13